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    Thanks. We've now been emailing about this. Aliza
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    The thing that was blocking the screen is gone now. I just realized that the Josh of Geckoforums (where I'm a moderator) is the same guy as this Josh, right? It's a very good idea. There should be some kind of notification to the current members. Aliza
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    Whatever Josh did to fix the website, that same ad is back again and is obscuring the top lines so it's impossible to send a PM or check out new posts. Aliza
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    Odd Prolapse Hemipenes

    Glad things worked out OK in the end. Aliza
  5. acpart

    Odd Prolapse Hemipenes

    I think you're doing whatever you can do, assuming he's not on a particle substrate. I think you should call the vet back Monday and tell him/her that this is an emergency. Aliza
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    Gecko Time: Holistic Design in Bioactive Vivariums: Leopard Geckos, Part 2

    The fourth article in our series of bioactive vivarium design. Learn how to put together a bioactive leopard gecko viv: http://www.geckotime.com/holistic-design-in-bioactive-vivariums%EF%BB%BF-leopard-geckos-part-2/ Aliza
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    Feeding a rescued baby (~1.5in) Mediterranean House Gecko

    It's very hard to see the picture, but I actually think it's a banded gecko. The striped tail is more characteristic of the banded geckos and also the house geckos are arboreal and will climb up the side of the enclosure. A gecko in a new place will often not eat for awhile. You could also try...
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    Gecko Time: Holistic Design in Bioactive Vivariums, Leopard Geckos Part 1

    Did you enjoy the last 2 articles about gargoyle geckos' habitat and how to design an appropriate vivarium for them? Here's part 1 of the article series about leopard geckos. Learn about the leopard gecko natural habitat and needs to prepare for next week's article about building a...
  9. acpart

    Gecko Time: Holistic Design in Bioactive Vivariums: Gargoyle Geckos, part 2

    Last week we learned about the environmental needs of the gargoyle gecko. Part 2 is a comprehensive description (with great pictures) of how to build an appropriate naturalistic viv: http://www.geckotime.com/holistic-design-in-bioactive-vivariums%EF%BB%BF-gargoyle-gecko-part-2/ Aliza
  10. acpart

    Gecko Time: Holistic Design in Bioactive Vivariums: Part 1, Gargoyle Geckos

    This is the beginning of an exciting new weekly series about bioactive vivariums for a few specific species. It includes information about the components needed to construct the vivs as well as information about the natural habitat of the geckos in question. The first installment is about...
  11. acpart

    New gecko issues?

    Nice looking gecko! Give him some time (at least a week) to settle in. It's not unusual for a new gecko to have different behaviors before it settles down which could include moving around the cage all the time or just as likely sleeping or hiding all the time. Make sure the lights aren't too...
  12. acpart

    Anole's tail is looking a bit weird...

    It wouldn't surprise me if a casemate before you got it nipped the tail and it grew back funny. I have a L. williamsi where the same thing happened and it looks the same. Aliza
  13. acpart

    Update on Fred's health!

    Always wonderful to hear good news. Aliza
  14. acpart

    Help identifying visually expressed genes

    As I mentioned in the previous post, he is a stripe since his bands go from shoulder to tail, rather than side by side. Given the fact that he's an adult and the bands are still so dark, I think you can safely say he's a boldstripe. Aliza
  15. acpart

    Meet Rango!

    I have no idea either what genes he may have, but he is a nice high contrast stripe. Aliza