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  1. acpart

    Gecko Time: Holistic Design in Bioactive Vivariums: Leopard Geckos, Part 2

    The fourth article in our series of bioactive vivarium design. Learn how to put together a bioactive leopard gecko viv: http://www.geckotime.com/holistic-design-in-bioactive-vivariums%EF%BB%BF-leopard-geckos-part-2/ Aliza
  2. acpart

    Gecko Time: Holistic Design in Bioactive Vivariums, Leopard Geckos Part 1

    Did you enjoy the last 2 articles about gargoyle geckos' habitat and how to design an appropriate vivarium for them? Here's part 1 of the article series about leopard geckos. Learn about the leopard gecko natural habitat and needs to prepare for next week's article about building a...
  3. acpart

    Gecko Time: Holistic Design in Bioactive Vivariums: Gargoyle Geckos, part 2

    Last week we learned about the environmental needs of the gargoyle gecko. Part 2 is a comprehensive description (with great pictures) of how to build an appropriate naturalistic viv: http://www.geckotime.com/holistic-design-in-bioactive-vivariums%EF%BB%BF-gargoyle-gecko-part-2/ Aliza
  4. acpart

    Gecko Time: Holistic Design in Bioactive Vivariums: Part 1, Gargoyle Geckos

    This is the beginning of an exciting new weekly series about bioactive vivariums for a few specific species. It includes information about the components needed to construct the vivs as well as information about the natural habitat of the geckos in question. The first installment is about...
  5. acpart

    Gecko Time 10th Anniversary article!

    This month marks Gecko Time's (www.geckotime.com/archives) 10th anniversary since its first article was published on March 7, 2009. To celebrate, we invited our contributors to update us on their gecko related lives for the past 10 years. Check out the resulting article with a lot of gorgeous...
  6. acpart

    Gecko Time: Interview with Zach Brink of Josh's Frogs

    Check out this interview with Zach Brink, Fauna Curator of Josh's Frogs to find out what this business is up to in relation to geckos and substrates in particular. You will also find a useful discount coupon in the article! http://www.geckotime.com/interview-with-zach-brink-of-joshs-frogs/...
  7. acpart

    Gecko Time: Big Bad Bart

    Gecko Time publishes whenever we have an article ready to go. Check out my pictorial essay about Bart, one of my crested geckos with a big personality: http://www.geckotime.com/big-bad-bart/. Aliza
  8. acpart

    Gecko Time: Healing Through Art and Reptiles

    Yes, we still publish when we can get someone to write an article! Check out some lovely artwork this week contained within a comprehensive and moving artist's statement: http://www.geckotime.com/healing-through-art-and-reptiles/ Aliza
  9. acpart

    Gecko Time: Crested Gecko Breeding Revisited

    There is much that's not yet known about the genetics of crested geckos. Join Mike Soltis of Dragontown as he describes some of his fascinating crested gecko breeding results. Lots of pictures! http://www.geckotime.com/crested-gecko-breeding-revisited/ Aliza
  10. acpart

    Gecko Time: Improvements on a Tub

    Here's a different take on housing geckos that intends to combine the best features of a rack and a tub: http://www.geckotime.com/improvements-on-a-tub/ Aliza
  11. acpart

    Gecko Time returns: Banded Gecko Odyssey

    Gecko Time hasn't published in awhile but we're back this week (we could publish more often if there were people interested in writing something . . . ) The Banded Gecko Odyssey begins with the author describing how he got interested in Coleonyx and his plans for constructing a naturalistic...
  12. acpart

    Gecko Time: Frog Eyed Gecko Care Sheet

    What do you do when the available care sheets for your new gecko species aren’t adequate sources of information? Do your research and write one! Here is what Frog-Eyed Gecko keeper Tucker Martinez came up with: http://www.geckotime.com/frog-eyed-gecko-care-sheet/ Aliza
  13. acpart

    Gecko Time: How do Geckos Determine Sex?

    The issue of sex determination in our pet geckos is complex and very interesting as you'll see from this article by an assistant professor who travels the world to study this phenomenon: http://www.geckotime.com/geckos-determine-sex/. Aliza
  14. acpart

    Kind of a shame . . .

    . . . that I got a pair of yellow/orange dalmatian cresties in order to produce some nice light babies, and I succeeded, but they're all crypto positive, so they'll be staying with me: Aliza
  15. acpart

    Gecko Time: Escaped Geckos and Impressive Finds

    In a cluttered house with open heat vents, cats and access from one floor to another, can lost geckos be found? Read some amazing stories about gecko (and one non-gecko) recoveries: http://www.geckotime.com/escaped-geckos-impressive-finds/ Aliza
  16. acpart

    Gecko Time: The Geckos of Mt. Kinabalu

    What happens when a gecko keeper goes on a field herping trip to study amphibians? He finds and photographs geckos as well! Hear about the gecko adventures of a researcher on a trip to Malaysia: http://www.geckotime.com/stories-geckos-mount-kinabalu/ Aliza
  17. acpart

    Gecko Time: Plague House - a Breeder’s Nightmare

    This is a sad, true story and a cautionary tale, written by me about my geckos. Read it and weep: Gecko Time: http://www.geckotime.com/plague-house-breeders-nightmare/ Aliza
  18. acpart

    Gecko Time: Gecko Time Wants to Know About African Fat Tail Geckos

    At last, the long awaited (at least by me) installment of the “Gecko Time Wants to Know” series, this one about fat tail geckos. We’re hoping to gather some more information in the comments section from other fat tail breeders and lovers...
  19. acpart

    Gecko Time: The Art of Raising Feeder Insects

    Check out this general article of considerations about breeding and selling a variety of feeders. It also has some nice pictures: http://www.geckotime.com/art-raising-feeder-insects/ Aliza
  20. acpart

    Igor is not Igor

    I have had a leachianus gecko, Igor, for nearly 5 1/2 years. I was told he was male and it seemed to me that he was male. Last night Igor laid 2 eggs. The cool thing about leachies is that they can, on occasion, lay fertile eggs without benefit of a male and hatch parthenogenetic babies. I'm...