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  1. LeopardGeckoOwner

    First baby hatched!

    My very first leopard gecko to hatch! :D
  2. LeopardGeckoOwner

    Before and after pictures, lets see 'em! :)

    The title says it all, I think it's really cool to see before and after pictures of geckos, don't be shy! I guess I'll start.. :) My SHTCT male, he's my buddy I've had since he was a little hatchling, and my first leo! Before: After: (He's a lazy guy :) ) My two females I recently got from...
  3. LeopardGeckoOwner

    Hello! :)

    Hello! I have only one leopard gecko that I so cleverly named Rango. I've had him for a year and two months and love him to death! :D He's a SHTCT, here is one of my most recent picks ^.^