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  1. bindidragon

    Egg Laying Issues?

    Well, I take Carl to the vet yet again tomorrow since he hasn't "let loose" since last Saturday, but Marnie, my 1 yr 10 month old female, is going as well. Her appetite has been "off" for awhile...won't hunt crix, only butterworms, mealies and waxies. When I got home from work today, she was...
  2. bindidragon

    Yellow Urates

    Hey there! I've kept up the soaking and mineral oil all weekend, and Carl STILL hasn't defecated!!:confused: He ate 3 butterworms (1 large) last Monday, 3 butterworms (1 large) on Thursday (6-21) and 3 crix last night. Saturday night he "dropped" a small, yellow urate. He is passing urates...
  3. bindidragon

    Constipated Carl

    Since Carl's hemipenes issue seems to be resolved, I thought I'd create a new thread to tackle his latest problem. I call the vet and advised him that Carl hasn't "let loose" since Saturday. He ate 3 butterowrms on Monday (he had 3 last night...one was quite large). He did eliminate some...
  4. bindidragon

    Lazy Leos???

    My two leos, Carl & Marnie, appear to be very lazy. When they come out of their hides, they lay around and don't "exercise" at all. The two girls I had before were very active at night. Meeko would actually keep me awake by standing on her seashell that held her calcium and bang it against...
  5. bindidragon

    Removal of Hemipenes

    Hi all, I'm new here and wanted to see if anyone has experienced issues with recovery from removal of one hemipene. Carl is a male leo who will be one year old in September and has been having issues with prolapsed hemipenes for the last few months. It usually followed a shed and appeared...