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Any Suggestions for live bio active terrarium

I've been doing research on the live active terrariums for all the reptiles and have come to a stand still from lack of info on the Halmahera gecko. If anyone has some knowledge on what live plants are safe for them, it would be greatly appreciated. Also any additional information that isn't already out online would be greatly appreciated as well.


Gecko Grandparent
3 Year Member
Check out the Facebook bioactive group and I'm sure you'll get lots of info!



Adult Gecko
3 Year Member
Can't go wrong with Pothos, it's safe for just about everything. Make sure whatever species you decide on have large, sturdy leaves, or the gecko will quickly wreck them during it's travels
Though the bio active facebook page is great, I cant access the full potential of it because I'm one of the few 25 year olds to give permanently delete their facebook account at the beginning of this year. The Pothos do look good, yeah it's hard finding not only a sturdy plant, but one that's not toxic to the gecko and one that's organic without pesticides.