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desperate help needed... dont know what to do?


Gecko Egg
I don't use any light for her. Because I have the heat pad underneath her tank. Temps are good on both sides. And red light hurts albinos eyes from what I researched. She has pinworms/parasites I believe that's why she can't keep it down.. also from research...


Hatchling Gecko
Take her to a vet immediately, I'm sorry I can't help much
If she can't keep food down she won't get the nutrition she needs and the skinnier she gets the harder it will be on her


Gecko Egg
thanks for your responses...she has starting eating again and has almost tripled her weight in like a month.. I think shes bigger now than she was before she got sick. thanks for all your support... just advice (obviously under a vets care)... she had an infection. The meds the vet gave, he said only for a week. It was working but then stopped and she regressed... so I increased the amount of time on meds to a humans time span and shes perfect now.... thanks again for your support