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How to get my Crestie to eat.

Zach Simms

Gecko Egg
Hey everyone,
So my one crested gecko I bought about a week and a half ago won't eat the Pangea food mix or the other food that I bought it. I try holding him and holding the bowl by him and I also try putting some on my finger and holding it in front of it but that doesn't work. Any suggestions or helpful tips on how to get it to eat? He will occasionally catch a few live crickets which I am very thankful for.


Gecko Grandparent
3 Year Member
I have had cresties where I never saw them eat and food never seemed to disappear from the bowl. This happened with the first crestie I ever got (at a month old) and he's 12 now. I recommend you keep offering, experiment with some other flavors (but don't go nuts over it) and try not to worry too much.


Zach Simms

Gecko Egg
He seems to be staying a constant weight but that weight is like really lite. I add baby food to his normal insect Pangea food and to his other Gecko food but he hasn’t showed interest in either. I hope he is like yours haha. Thank you for the peace of mind