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Rescued a Leo that only eats wax worms!


Gecko Egg
Obviously, that needs to change.

Raised by a high school girl since she was in third grade, Hyper the leopard gecko, has been somewhat neglected (she got bored with him) and he became very anti social, but he's very friendly and tame.

Hyper welcomes contact and licks a lot. He never objects to being handled but the he has lost most of his claws, and the tips of all his front toes, probably due to shedding issues, so he's not an adroit climber.

We have had him for 2 weeks but have not gotten him to eat, anything yet, but his previous owners said he would only eat wax worms. His head and tail are wide and fat, but his body seems dwarfed compared to his head and tail. He drinks water so I'm not concerned for his health yet, but we need to get him to eat soon. His scat is tiny.

His cage was dismal with a single hide and a heat lamp so we updated it to 2 hides (bot and cold) and put some features in until we get a 20 long built for him.

Here's a few pics

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Gecko Grandparent
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He looks pretty good. Try a few large crickets --he may enjoy the chase. I have had leopard geckos that haven't eaten for months, and while that's not ideal, they do what they do. He has some good weight on him. Try some feeders (not waxworms) and wait him out. He'll eat something eventually.