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Winter Mayhem

Caleb C

Adult Gecko
Dang, are you sure? Petsmarts should all be around the same price. Check what brand and type of bulb you use.
Ordering online might be cheaper for you.


Staff member
3 Year Member
Yeah I dont know why they cost so much. Plus some of my lamp shades are around 70 - 80 Watts though I doubt that it would make them cost 10$ more. Maybe its just the area, I live in Texas so maybe they dont manufacture as much here and it costs more to ship. I honestly dont know, Though the majority of the lamps are 60Watts except 2 of them.

Caleb C

Adult Gecko
Just order them online then, lots of sites offer free shipping for bigger orders.
They're all shipped to petsmart locations from different states, so that shouldn't change the pricing.